To Whom it may concern:  

I have recently been introduced by a friend to Ysabel, and Ysabel’s Cleaning Service LLC, specializing in both home and  commercial cleaning. My friend has worked with Ysabel and her team for a long time, and has had an excellent experi ence.  

I have now met with Ysabel only twice, yet after the very first visit, I knew I would be honored to have Ysabel work in  my home with her colleagues.  

We initially met to review the house and discuss specifics. I found Ysabel to be warm, highly professional, a person of  character and integrity, and someone with an obvious energy even though her outward demeanor is fully calm, disci plined and organized. After our meeting, Ysabel, as promised, sent me her proposal which I found to be eminently fair.  

Our first service, which was a full, top to bottom complete clean, (since I had not had a house keeper for months), was  beautifully done. I was at home most of the time and the work moved quickly, as Ysabel and her two colleagues went  thru the house. Everything was completed, as we had discussed and though I was involved with my business, at home,  I had the opportunity to both speak with Ysabel and her team, and observe their work practices. Net, net, I am abso lutely thrilled to have truly first class cleaners who arrive on time; complete the project; and share smiles while on the path. It goes  without saying that from both my own experience and that of my friend, I had and have complete confidence in the in tegrity, in every way, that Ysabel brings to her business.  

And now the remarkable part of this commendation … One of the projects I had requested was to have all the clothes  in my closet folded. After Ysabel left, I went upstairs into my closet to change for dinner and reached for a shirt. There,  shining brightly on a self, was the hugely important, sentimental, and valuable ring from my Grandfather that I had lost  over a year ago, falling off my finger at an outdoor bar by the water. I went back to that bar numerous times to see if  anyone had turned in my ring, to no avail … yet apparently it never did fall off at the bar, but somehow landed in a cubby  in my closet! I of course called Ysabel to thank her and she informed me that her colleague had found the ring under  shirts on that shelf!  

Of.course I am thrilled with that “find” and also thrilled to have such a professional team of fine people working in my  home. FYI, Ysabel makes it easy, bringing her own supplies.  

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further commentary.